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Try my new bug Deterrent!  

Until now, the only action to protect against being bitten was spraying your skin with repellents, which I am not going to do.  I'm also not going to spray poisons on my yard and plants, which won't protect me anyway when I leave my house.

The century old Red Arrow™ Lemon & Cream of Tartar™ with Sulfur still had a small and very loyal following, but new users complained about the taste, and then they complained about the expensive sweetener that was used to make it taste better!

Threats posed today by biting bugs demand something stronger.  By using a capsule instead of a chewable wafer, I was able to include additional nutrients that help repel bugs while leaving out all the ingredients that only affect taste.

The result is a more potent product in a capsule that you swallow with water.  My all-natural vegetarian formula makes you less tasty to biting bugs, meaning you are less likely to be bitten everywhere you go 24 hours a day!

Taking 1 or 2 capsules everyday is a wise precaution against these horrible bug-borne diseases, but my new supplements are very good for you even if you're not worried about bugs!  They are packed full of MSM sulfur, Vitamin B1 Thiamine, Cream of Tartar, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Garlic extract and other proprietary ingredients.  Testing shows the product performs well without any adverse side effects.

Try my new Bert's BugOut and let me know how you like it!    -Bert 

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Bert's BugOut

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