Bert's Spray come in 2 sizes - 8 ounce and 16 ounce
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Apply to areas where you are bothered for instant relief!  Use Bert's Spray to cleanse skin.  Try on skin irritations and nail fungus, too.  It helps mouth ulcers heal, but DO NOT SWALLOW.  You can dab on using cotton swab.

Spray can be used straight or diluted with distilled water.  When you buy this Spray, you will be helping me to fund additional research.  I know there is still more to do.  -Bert 

Customer testimonial:  I have suffered with morgellon's for over 4 years now and have tried many remedies and protocols for this insidious condition.
I have experienced some slow healing with some of the other things I have tried, but Bert's Spray is the best product I have found!
I have used it for just 6 weeks and am 50% better than when I started! Nothing else has come close to this!
It is an amazing product and I am thrilled with the healing results I am experiencing!
I thank God I found Bert's Spray and don't want to be without it!

I thank you, Bert, for all you have done for morgellons sufferers!  ~CA Blond


After funding the research that led to developing the Spray, I spent roughly $35,000 to produce this last batch.  I know it helps, because it has helped me and others.  I do not know when I will run another batch, so if you want to try my Spray, you should order some now.


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Bert's Spray 8 oz

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