I didn't see it coming.  Even after symptoms began to manifest, I denied it.  The longer I delayed, the worse it became.  Once I realized that I had a condition that was not recognized by medical doctors, I knew that I needed to heal myself.

First I made the Gel.  It helped so much that I was able to lead a normal life and continue working.  I have tested many modifications to my Gel and now offer it in Regular Strength and Xtra Strength. 

Try Regular Strength first.  It promotes healthier skin and hair.

Xtra Strength helps in cases of severe itching and other stubborn skin / scalp problems.  


As good as the Gel was, I wanted more, so I hired a Clinical Research Physician.  The research was fruitful, and even identified the root cause of Morgellons.  The Spray resulted directly from the research.  The first prototypes burned more intensely than alcohol on raw skin, so we found a way to tone it down.  This formulation is mild enough to use multiple times daily to promote rapid healing.


I always felt this condition had an electricity component that could be exploited.  The answer was a Pulsating, Variable Frequency Magnetic Pad that you sleep on!  This device is absolutely a MUST HAVE.  Every night, you sleep soundly as 3 large electromagnetic coils envelope your body and promote healing.  It seems expensive until you realize that you will use your Magnetic Pad every night from now on.

I have seat cushion that I put in my office chair and my Jeep that works off of the same electronic control box.  That way I am covered even on long trips.


There is so much more to do.  When you buy my products, not only will you get better, but you are helping me to fund additional research.