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Bert's Spray was developed for me to fight Morgellons.  It works very well and I continue to use it.  To my knowledge, it has not been tested on any animals, but it has been tested on humans.  I have been using it myself for more than 5 years, and others for almost as long.  It keeps me healthy, and I do not want to ever be without it. 

It also helps keep a clear complexion.  Apply a little to your face to help clear pimples and other blemishes.  One bottle used this way will last a very long time. 


Not a cure.   Nothing here will cure anything.  I wish it did! 

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Buying my products supports further research.  I know there is still a lot to do and I need your help.  Some of the research I commisioned was presented at the Rare Diseases Conference hosted by National Institutes of Health (NIH).  It has also been presented in multiple countries around the world.  Information can be seen at: 

Sadly, nothing I sell will cure anything.  These are not cures.  If my research ever results in a cure, I will let you know.  My Gel and Spray are cosmetics.  I hope you like them.

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